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Premier Premises Liability Attorneys In the Bronx

Stephen B. Kaufman, P.C. has a team of dedicated attorneys that understand everything you need to know in your time of need. There are a wide variety of different situations a victim can find themselves in that require sound legal counsel and the right advice. Stephen B. Kaufman, P.C. is there for you whatever your case may entail. It can be a frightening time with injuries and uncertainty - there is no reason to go at it alone - call today for the premier lawyers of the Bronx.
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Automobile Accidents

There are a wide range of accidents that can happen with transportation - automobile accidents being one of them. Driving is a big part of life but there are inherent risks. Whether its a car, motorcycle, SUV or other vehicle, It’s important to know your rights so that if you are involved in a car accident, you know how to proceed. Dealing with the other parties involved, the insurance companies, law enforcement, and all of the important details alone can be cumbersome and potentially harmful to your case. 

Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Especially in winter, our area can be prone to a lot of slip, trip and fall incidents that sometimes require legal attention. Whether it’s failure to remove snow or ice from a property, or more all season conditions like a cracked or elevated sidewalk, Stephen B. Kaufman can help you get the legal counsel you deserve. A property must be properly maintained and an owner can be liable in certain scenarios if a slip, trip, or fall occurs. As a first step, if you fall victim take photos of the scene, obtain name and addresses of witnesses, keep the case to yourself, and let our lawyers talk to insurance companies that otherwise can be unscrupulous. Pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses are all factors to consider. Call us today!

Bus/Subway Accidents

It can be strenuous to try and deal with the bureaucracy of the MTA if you are injured on a subway or bus in New York City. It is alarmingly common and knowing all of the right channels in navigating the fallout from an injury on a bus or subway is vitally important. Sudden stops, malfunctioning equipment, bad drop off points and a host of other situations can present dangers and ultimately injure you. You may be entitled to compensation. Remember, you have just 90 days from the time of accident to file a Notice of Claim with the agency in NYC who handles these situations. We are well versed and experienced to help you in your time of need.

Construction Accidents

Physically demanding jobs can put workers in dangerous situations. Construction workers can be very exposed to potential hazards if their managers simply want the job done and don’t care about worker safety. In addition to the injury itself, the fallout and lack of options and recovery can be devastating for a construction worker, and lead to financial and emotional ruin. Our firm can help with injuries resulting from construction site falls, crane accidents, scaffolding accidents, electrical accidents, trench collapses, fire and explosions, cutting accidents, structure failures nail gun accidents, and gas explosions. Statistics show that 1000 construction workers are killed each year on the job. Up to ⅓ of those are from direct construction site failures. Don’t go at it alone, call Stephen B. Kaufman for experienced lawyers who can help navigate the complex legal processes involving construction accidents. 

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