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Real Estate Attorneys On Your Side in the Bronx

Real Estate can be an exciting aspect of living but also comes with unexpected challenges that sometimes a lawyer can be very useful for. The attorneys are Stephen B. Kaufman, P.C. are well experienced and learned in a wide range of real estate situations, so whether you are buying or selling or simply looking for more information, do not hesitate to give a call.
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Real Estate Specialists

It is an exciting time in New York City to be involved with real estate but going at it alone can be treacherous and potentially financially ruinous. Do not let unscrupulous agents, developers, landlords, or any other entity or person take advantage of you. Stephen B. Kaufman, P.C. can help you navigate the tricky waters of real estate law and get you the results you deserve.

Estate Law

Dealing with an estate is another tricky aspect to law that can tear families and friends apart if not properly understood and dealt with. Fortunately, for many years Stephen B. Kaufman, P.C. has been helping families and individuals sort through all things related to estates and how they function and can provide high quality legal counsel when disagreements or misunderstandings pop up. Like many aspects of law, estate law is chock full of esoteric rules that can be overly complex for people not trained to understand. Fortunately, you now have a legal advocate on your side.

Elder Law

Our elderly population deserves to be protected fully by the letter of the law, and we all have family member and friends who are elderly. It can be devastating when the elderly are taken advantage of, and at Stephen B. Kaufman, P.C. that especially hits home for us because we see that as a stain on our community as a whole. Serving the Bronx and the surrounding areas has meant integrating into the fabric of communities for many years, and our elderly neighbors, friends, and family members deserve all of the same legal protections we do. The Law office of Stephen B. Kaufman can assist you with WILLS, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and Medicaid Planning. Call us today for more information on all of our elder law services.

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